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Words when there weren't pictures

Apr 10, 2019

My Biggest Fear

I saw a list of the top 10 fears people have. I have 3. Needles, height and darkness. So I am no stranger to fear. Fear and I have spent quality time with each other. My biggest fear however isn't any of the top 10. With each passing year, my fears have evolved around the people in my life. I f...

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Feb 8, 2019


Everyone in my family is afraid of heights. But one day, we randomly decided to go on a roller-coaster ride. My brother and I decided to try one together. Feeling brave, I started motivating my younger brother well in advance. I will be right here next to you. You got this. We got strapped and th...

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Jan 24, 2019

That's my sister.

I wanted to be in the operating room with her. But the nurses wouldn't let me. Only one person allowed. Her husband. But we had discussed it. I was supposed to be there with her too. My sister and I rarely spent time apart growing up. Though our personalities are different, we did everything togeth...

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Jan 15, 2019

On Courage & Dying

My grandfather, I called himAcaca, spoke one language Afaan Oromoo. Unfortunately I could not. So we never really had deep conversations. He grew up in Ambo - a city in Ethiopia. A farmer by trade, he was in perfect health even in his 90s. He was a strong man though I didn't realize just how str...

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Jan 14, 2019

Passion - Family

Most people wouldn't consider family as passion but I do. I grew up in a very close family. We traveled a more than most. I went to 5 schools before college. So I realized I wasn't like most people around me. I always trusted my immediate family more than others. One brother, one sister and my ...

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Jan 5, 2019

Single Story

My parents, siblings and their kids came over to visit me today. Where is auntie's house? My very curious niece asked. Her mom, my sister, explained that I live in an apartment complex. My niece looked very confused. She was born into the house that my sister bought a month before she delivered he...

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