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Dec 4, 2019


It started with one decision. "I'm going to write every day." Then it started with one word. Well, two words: "My draft" I had written a few articles that I published on Medium. I spent a lot of time on each article and made sure it was completely polished before publishing. Do I really want to just...

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Jul 14, 2019

Why I started #Teamstreak

My dad was an engineer and technical writer. He had a master's degree in Latin and Greek from Northwestern. He was a master of English and writing. I would ask him a simple question in an email and receive a reply that could have been published in a magazine as-is. I knew he wrote it on the spot bec...

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May 22, 2019

People have the power

It was so great to read @basilsamel 's summary of the first 6 months of 200WAD. In six months, the number of posts and the number of words are truly amazing, but what is even more amazing to me is the community. People are writing on 200WAD for all sorts of reasons. Each reason is important to each...

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May 15, 2019

Can't Stop Me Now

I don't care if people aren't reading what I'm writing. I don't care if people aren't listening to what I'm saying. I don't care if I'm the only one proud of what I have accomplished. In a world driven by likes, claps, hearts, and comments, it's easy to get caught up in external validation. Can it ...

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May 5, 2019

A man going into a women's restroom

At the request of @lucjah and inspired by @philh, I shall share an embarrassing story about how I accidentally walked into a women's restroom. This event occurred approximately 12-13 years ago while I was working at a health insurance company. I agreed to meet a colleague after work for a couple of...

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May 3, 2019

Inaction becomes a habit

People have shared many great tips and advice for how to establish new habits. It could be writing habits or work habits to be more productive or health habits to be healthier. The tips and advice generally focus on actions. Perform actions every day as part of a routine to establish habits. There ...

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Apr 7, 2019


You knew this was coming. It's time to decide which team you're on. On 200WAD there are all kinds of writers and a myriad of reasons why people are writing. There are the "one and done" crowd sometimes highlighted by @OnePostersGems. There are people dabbling who may not have decided whether they a...

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Mar 14, 2019

Keep going

I could have used the title "Don't stop." What's the difference between "don't stop" and "keep going?" Focus. If I tell you do NOT picture a giraffe, you are going to picture a giraffe. But I told you DON'T do that. It doesn't matter. If you are on the wrong path, change course and keep going. If ...

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Mar 7, 2019

My ode to pizza

So of course @jasonleow had to pick the topic of pizza, my favorite food and sadly the food I will have to give up as I embark on a journey to change my diet and improve my health. I have liked pizza ever since I can remember. It started as a treat when I did not control the food supply, but I start...

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Feb 9, 2019

Letter to my current self

Forget the letter to my younger self. I need to communicate to myself in the present day and hopefully to my future self who will return to this post for reminders. You will lose enthusiasm. You can get it back. You will lose motivation. You can get it back. You will sometimes be in a funk and you d...

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Jan 4, 2019

My story about taking charge of my health

We all want to be healthy. We all have a pretty good idea of how to be healthy with various lifestyle choices. So the desire is there. The knowledge is there. What stops us from actually making it happen? I avoided the doctor for years. I figured if I didn't really feel bad or have any issues then I...

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