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Oct 15, 2020

Slug Stories

I have molluscophobia. It's a bit annoying when I do some gardening or walking around in the countryside, as slugs and snails are basically everywhere. I basically can't stand close to them or touch them. I always wear gloves when I'm touching plants or branches outside, just because I'm afraid of ...

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Oct 6, 2020

Trivial Details That Make Me Happy

Walking in the garden to see and help plants grow Having a cup of coffee by the fireplace Cracking open a cold one with the boys Cooking meals by myself for others Having a warm shower after a day of hard work Playing sports or video games with my brother Drawing schemas, plans, and abstracts things...

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Sep 29, 2020


My mom always says: "It's not home without a fireplace!" And I agree, because I grew up hearing the crackling of the wood and feeling its warmth. Even now, I'm writing by the hearth, with a hot cocoa and the television running in the background. There is no other place like it. For thousands of yea...

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Sep 26, 2020

Land and Financial Independence

Rent and groceries are the two main sources of costs for most households, so owning land and living from it is the shortest path to financial independence in terms of yearly costs. According to most studies, I found online, a family of four needs less than 250m² to achieve self-sufficiency from a ve...

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Sep 21, 2020


Insulation is the most expensive part of making your own house, or anyone's house, as a matter of fact. It's what keeps it warm, and what makes your heating or air conditioning costs: great insulation keeps you warm during winter and cool during summer, ideally with as little external intervention a...

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Sep 20, 2020

Tiny House Project: Finance

If I were to buy all the materials I need to build a tiny house (21m², 4m tall) from mainstream stores, I'd need about $6000 according to my calculations. The mainframe itself is about $900, and the rest of the costs go to the insulation work and the roof. If I include wiring, painting, and furnishi...

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Sep 19, 2020

Living At My Parents'

I don't feel comfortable living at my parents. Even though I'm often staying more than a month at the family house, they absolutely refuse to make me pay for rent or groceries. I try to help whenever I'm available, but except cooking and cleaning there isn't much I can do since I'm always either wor...

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Sep 8, 2020

Pen Name

I'm thinking of using a pseudonym for my personal brand. Basile Samel isn't the easiest name to pronounce and spell. I'm always having a hard time when I casually bring up my website in a conversation, It's especially true when I'm in a foreign country talking with people I've never...

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Sep 6, 2020

Chopin's Nocturnes

I love electro music that you can listen to while driving by night, like Kavinsky's Night Call, but Chopin's Nocturnes remains my go-to background music whenever I need to meditate alone under the moon. It never fails to make me fall into a deep slumber, in-between abysmal thinking, nostalgia, and l...

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Sep 1, 2020

The Price of Independence

Independence—as in, being able to live life on your own schedule—doesn't have to be expensive. It can be broken down into four phases: * Self-mastery: your ability to live on less with fewer material possessions, cultivating material detachment and fortitude. Or as Kipling puts it, being able to "s...

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Aug 31, 2020

Learning To Juggle Responsibilities

Our ability to handle stress and distractions is determinant to our growth and well-being: if we have to stop doing what matters to us every time life doesn't go our way, we might never accomplish anything. We need to get better at switching between cognitive contexts. It implies being able to give ...

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Aug 29, 2020

Individual, Local, Global

Change happens at three levels—individual, local, and global—and we need to take each one into account to be impactful. In a globalized world where social networks take hours of our lives on a daily basis, it's never been easier to reach out to a global audience. Almost too easy. To the point where ...

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Aug 14, 2020

Marc Rebillet And The Power Of Video

Video content is the future. Reading the news was the only way to consume content two centuries ago. Then people started listening to the radio when it was invented in 1894, before being massively crushed by television in the 50's. The Internet now challenges the TV monopoly, but the way people cons...

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Aug 10, 2020

The Turtledove

A baby turtledove broke one of its wings. I saw it walking around in the backyard two days ago, and was surprised to find it wasn't flying away when approaching it. Its parents stopped taking care of it, so we had to leave some water and fat balls by its side. The bird is still moving around or chil...

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Aug 9, 2020

The Flood

Nothing is granted. One day things work the way we want, and the next one we lose it all. It goes for material possessions, people, the city we live in, our life, or the planet we inhabit. We only get to lease. It's up to us to cherish what we temporarily have, nurture things and people to keep them...

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Aug 6, 2020

Shaving My Hair

Two days ago I decided to shave my hair down to a length of 7mm. It's pretty short compared to my usual kind of haircuts, but it was something to try out. The pros are nice. I don't have to care about my bedhead. It takes seconds to clean, and dry out, so I use less shampoo, hair products, and water...

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Jul 28, 2020

The Catfarm

Last year, I stumbled upon the Catfarm while working on a database of ecovillages, a self-sufficient community based in Poussan, France. Frequented by digital nomads and young people from all backgrounds, I immediately became interested in the concept. I had planned to visit during August, but a spr...

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Jul 26, 2020

So Little

We know so little. According to the International Data Corporation, the sum of the world's data will amount to 175 zettabytes by 2025 (175*10^21 bytes), and it keeps increasing exponentially. The brain memory capacity is estimated to be anywhere between 1 terabyte and 2.5 petabytes (10^12 to 2.5*10^...

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Jul 15, 2020


Masanobu Fukuoka wrote in 1975 that "the ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings". I believe this statement to be applicable to any craft. We grow businesses and skills for our own cultivation, and thus for the sake of our species. It'...

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Jul 14, 2020


Tonight, I'm turning 26. Fireworks celebrating France's national day will pierce Paris' sky an hour before midnight, and then I'll grew a year older. I spent the day reading and recovering from my surprise birthday party the evening before. I feel blessed. I have a job I love, a roof above my head, ...

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Jul 5, 2020


Each day of the week corresponds to one of the seven planets in Hellenistic astrology. Monday is the day of the moon. The moon is associated with time, cycles, and femininity. Tuesday is the day of Tyr, or Mars/Ares, gods of war, law, and justice. Wednesday is the day of Woden/Odin, king of the Nors...

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Jul 3, 2020

Average US Household Spendings

In 2019, the average US household spent $56,538. 7.9% in groceries, 6.1% eating out, 35.5% in housing, 3% in clothing, 17.3% in transport, 8.79% in healthcare, 5.7% in entertainment, 2.49% in education, and 12.9% in insurance and pensions. Those numbers are baffling, but also interesting to analyze ...

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Jun 20, 2020

People and Self-Made

I was expelled from engineering school when I was about to turn 19. My grades weren't good enough to pass. I decided to run away. One month in China to perform an internship. Sleeping my days away and living for the weekend. I would spend each Friday and Saturday in nightclubs with my engineer schoo...

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Jul 29, 2020

Why I Moved Off Dating Apps

I used Tinder for a little bit more than 2 years and Badoo for a few months. Even though it gave me the opportunity to meet cool girls during my travels, I recently decided to quit dating apps entirely. I have several reasons for this drastic move. First, quality photos are to dating apps what water...

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