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A practical essay on sustainable nomadism for change makers


Feb 27, 2020

5 Principles of Sustainability - The Framework

As I found out in the first article of this series, sustainability is the balance allowing a population to fully express its potential without endangering the carrying capacity of its environment. This balance results from the harmony between five forces interacting with each other: the material dom...

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Feb 18, 2020

Journeyman - Part 1: Motives

I'm planning to go full nomad this summer, traveling around the Baltic Sea with a bike and wild camping while working remotely. I wouldn't be the first to do it. I stumbled upon a blog with the exact same goal. The guy's been at it for several years now, so for the naysayers out there: I know it's d...

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Jan 12, 2020

Thoreau's Pyramid of Needs

In the few first pages of Walden, Thoreau proposes that there are but four necessaries of life: food, shelter, clothing, and fuel, "for not till we have secured these are we prepared to entertain the true problems of life with freedom and a prospect of success". I'll call it Thoreau's Pyramid of Nee...

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Jan 11, 2020

Introduction to the Five Principles of Sustainability

Dr Michael Ben-Eli from The Sustainability Laboratory defines sustainability as a "dynamic equilibrium in the process of interaction between a population and the carrying capacity of an environment, such that the population develops to express its full potential without adversely and irreversibly af...

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Dec 2, 2019

The 5 Principles of Sustainability - Introduction

Sustainability, or re-designing the way we live to be more mindful of our environment, is the greatest challenge in the History of humankind. What is sustainability though? To find a solution, we need a common framework for every stakeholder to understand the different aspects of the problem. This i...

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Dec 1, 2019


An ecovillage is an intentional community with the goal of becoming more sustainable. This concept fascinates the digital nomad in me. I want to travel better. I am not attracted to places like Chiang Mai or Bali where the practice of digital nomadism disrupted the local culture. To be a good flâneu...

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Nov 11, 2019

Tech Stack to Write a Book

I wrote Alter-Nomad using Markdown and Pandoc. That's the tech stack I found after researching how to write a book using Markdown. The benefits are nice: Markdown allows me to focus on the content rather than the way it looks, it's easy to manage the different drafts using Git versioning, and Pandoc...

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Nov 9, 2019

Two Things I'll Change While Writing my Next Book

Writing a 40-page ebook is one of the hardest things I've done this year. I barely wrote anything before that, let alone a book. I made a lot of mistakes during the process, but there are two that I find particularly memorable. The first mistake I made was a lack of communication. I made a website t...

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Sep 8, 2019

Childlike Traveler

Entertaining my little cousins is one of my favorite things in the world. Children are fascinating: witty, smart, playful, and thirsty for knowledge. They are not afraid to interact with the world, you can learn a lot from kids. In his book Mastery, Robert Greene proposes that masters are individual...

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Apr 2, 2019

Life of a Book

You might wonder about the chain of events leading someone to write a book. Here is mine. March 2016 I start researching the topic of nomadism after reading Tim Ferris' The 4-Hour Workweek. June 24, 2016 I publish in French the 20-page essay titled "Nomadism as a Vector for Change" as an engine...

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Mar 31, 2019

Alter-Nomad: On Decentralization

Decentralization is the redistribution of social and economic activities across a territory, from the administrative centers (regional and national capital cities) to the surrounding areas. There is a correlation between urbanization and centralization, but urbanization doesn't have to imply central...

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Mar 31, 2019

Alter-Nomad: Supranational Species

I used to live at the French border to work in Geneva. Living across borders feels strange. You wake up in France, live in Switzerland, then go back to sleep in France. You belong to both and none. I find the concept of borders fascinating. Someday probably, a long long time ago, five dudes from a t...

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Mar 31, 2019

Alter-Nomad: Traveling Phases

Wherever I'm traveling to I find myself to go through three main emotional phases. Those three states greatly impact my mental health. As I previously proposed, humans are not meant to be fast travelers. Mobility generates precarity. Precarity is the enemy of stability, but you need stability to per...

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Mar 31, 2019

Alter-Nomad: On Health

Just like you need a work routine, health should be part of a daily ritual. Mind-body dualism increasingly appears as unfounded: a healthy mind is deeply tied to a healthy body, and vice versa. Living in a new environment every two to three months is intense. Some habits are needed to support your w...

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Mar 31, 2019

Alter-Nomad: On Education

Technical mastery and societal responsibility are two sides of the engineer. An expert who mastered the aspects of his craft on a given production line, as well as a manager capable of integrating both a collaborative logic and a self-development practice to solve a technical problem involving many ...

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Mar 31, 2019

Alter-Nomad: Relationships on the Road

Loneliness is often presented by digital nomads as their biggest pain point. Picture this. You can go everywhere and anywhere. Your stays are short-lived so you do not create meaningful relationships. You genuinely love someone but it's impossible to picture something on the long-term, so you miss a...

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Mar 30, 2019

Alter-Nomad: On Work

People are expected to commute for long hours and be flexible with their own time. Individuals adapt to jobs, not the other way around. Liberalism is the nomadism of salariat and profit: companies are getting increasingly mobile to access bigger markets and generate more profit. Neo-nomadism was ini...

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Mar 30, 2019

Alter-Nomad: Precarity of Sedentism

Neo-nomadism generates precarity. Globalization serves the states and their citizens, but the market still prevails. Our time is marked by a need for mobility. Mobility is omnipresent. Stopping the free flow would prevent economic growth, yet the fear of motion persists. State apparatus solve the eq...

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Mar 30, 2019

Alter-Nomad: On Slow Travel

Tourists exhaust me. I avoid them. They are fast travelers. Just like fast food eaters tend to eat more than needed calory-wise, fast travelers over-consume. I find it astonishing to see people take a vacation only to make a job out of it. They wake up at 5 AM, take their little map and go to each l...

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Mar 30, 2019

Alter-Nomad: The Case for Stability

Alexandra David-Néel is the perfect representation of a nomadic ideal. As a Belgium-French writer and explorer, David-Néel displayed through the example of her life a real ethic of travel. Her erudition and thirst for otherness allowed her to transcend conditions: she became the first western woman ...

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Mar 29, 2019

Alter-Nomad: On Simplicity

We are living in a society where goods of consumption become transient (planned obsolescence), where a thirst for new material possessions prevails. I started simplifying my life to reduce my impact. Simplicity is key in many things people crave for — food, friendship, comfort, happiness, love. Lear...

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Mar 29, 2019

Alter-Nomad: Moving Globally, Living Locally

I like the expression "purchasing power". Not what it means - the number of goods or services that one unit of a given currency can buy - but what it illustrates in a literal manner: having money is a form of power, and buying is empowering the organization you are buying from. We are quick to forge...

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Mar 29, 2019

Alter-Nomad: On Personal Finance

Location independence is an opportunity for more financial independence. Ask random people in the street about what financial independence means to them. They will tell you they need millions to consider themselves financially independent, that you have to earn a lot more than what you are currently...

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Mar 28, 2019

Alter-Nomad: On Work

People are expected to commute for long hours and be flexible with their own time. Individuals adapt to jobs, not the other way around. Liberalism is the nomadism of salariat and profit: companies are getting increasingly mobile to access bigger markets and generate more profit. Neo-nomadism was in...

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