80 days to 2021

Published on Oct 14, 2020

We have 80 days left for 2021.

I wrote this post to motivate myself to wrap this dreadful year with a bang.
I wrote this post at the 90 day mark.

Below are my updates on goals for the first 20 days:

1. Complete 1st draft of the book I have started:
10% - I have completed a few more chapter of this. Determined to wrap this up in 2020.
(+10 from past 10 days block)

2. Get a python certification:
60% - Completed Week 4/Week 6 of course content needed for exams.
(+10 from past 10 days block)

3. Improve my sleep routine to get 8 hours of sleep:
30% - More improvements made here. In progress.
(+10 from past 10 days block)

4. Do an interview of a mentor:
100% Done. One of the best things I have done this year. I am writing a piece based on the interview and that will be done tonight. I am starting to think that I want to do more interviews.
(+80 from past 10 days block)

5. Work on setting up a social innovation company:
50% done. Name, logo, mission and vision are done.

Takeaways before the 70 days to 2021 mark.
Focus on
#3#3 - Sleep
Focus on
#1 next - book draft