Published on Aug 30, 2020

Yeah, I got there. Another 100ish anniversary. To be honest I had some doubts on the way. Also for the first time in the history of my 200WaD (Cowriters) writing, I took a few days off. Yeah, I cheated but maybe I am gonna complete the missing days, someday. 600 days in a row was my goal which I just reached today so the mission is accomplished. I feel that there is about time when the streak will be broken and if that happens I am gonna leave. Yeah, it is just enough. It's nice to keep this writing streak but it's not something I need to have anymore. I prove myself I can write somehow. I still have my personal blog so I do not stop with writing completely. Time to move on. I am ready to stop. 

Of course, it's just not about me. I should be part of the community but I just cannot force myself to get involved. In the early days, I read a lot of posts here but right now I just write and go. So I am sorry about that. 

I will see ... in the following days...

OK, enjoy the rest of your weekend :).


Stay with me. Efran