Published on Nov 20, 2020

Today I reached another milestone, my 300th post and the 300th day of an unbroken streak of writing 200 words a day. Actually, I have averaged almost 247 words per day, but now I am just bragging, and it is not in my nature to be so boastful.

When I wrote my first 200 words, I had set my self a challenge to take on the creative task of writing. @basilesamel, @brandonwilson and @soulinantarcticamall were there to congratulate me on my first post, and I appreciated the welcome.

My family, the pandemic, and Louie the Groodle are just a few of things that have provided some fodder for me to write about. On reflection, some of my musings seem a little repetitive, and some seem a little boring, but, they do provide me with a narrative of my year.

I concluded my first post with the words "...and I am off and running, let's hope I can keep it up." I am proud to have kept it going, so why would I stop now? 

It has been the secret sauce of this community that makes it worthwhile. The winds of change are almost here, and I hope an alternate community can be found.