3 Keys to Executive Success Part 2

Published on May 14, 2019

In which I finally write part 2 of the now very old 3 Keys to Executive Success, and now it's 5, not 3.

Focus (when interacting with others)

The ability to focus regardless of context. Particularly in interactions with others, including meetings. Meetings are difficult for a lot of people. They can feel frivolous. But nothing communicates "I don't care what you're saying" than looking at your phone or laptop during a meeting, and chances are the person speaking in that meeting thinks the things they are saying are important.

Long meetings are difficult. So don't schedule them. And don't schedule them back-to-back. Use normal meeting protocols like an agenda and starting on time.

Understanding opportunity cost

All your yeses today will mean nos in the future. Executive function requires projecting into the future to do an analysis of imaginary future opportunities. Or at least to know that they exist out there, and you'll have to say no to them, no matter how great they are. This requires vision and the fortitude to stick with that vision.

Time management (when interacting with others)

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

One of the most valuable things in our lives is our time. When you're late to a meeting or let yourself get double booked, you're saying that other peoples' time isn't of value.