28th July 2019

Published on Jul 29, 2019

Another dairy type entry. I don't know how many of these I can churn out. I'm not exactly proud of the content I'm producing right now, but keeping things real, keeping up with the consistency going and sharing what's going on has at least a minimal appeal to me - it's not a dead cause.

So, sorry about that, but I'll be back on track soon!

I want to up my game in August.

I saw another post on 200WAD that was talking about what kinds of articles they want to write. I want to go through my previous articles; review them, expand upon them and republish them more publicly.

I do currently have 200WAD posted publicly on my personal website, but the sheer number of articles are undoubtedly going unread. I don't want my website to have an endless scroll of my random ramblings. I think I'm going to update this page to be more of a "where to find me on the internet" page. This page would include links to 200WAD and Makerlog, but currently nothing else.

I really don't use that much. Do you lot use anything else on the internet?