23rd July 2019

Published on Jul 24, 2019

My 200 words have mostly been daily-like entries lately. It's a busy time at the moment, so I've wanted to prioritise my 200 words. I think it's important to emphasis that sentence - I've not want to prioritise them. I think @basilesamel is correct when he talked about making time - you have the time, you just have different priorities. It's also important to remember that that's okay!

Anyway, how do I turn on this adulting expansion pack to life? It's too expensive. All of our money is being drained from our accounts. We've made a few expensive purchases - a new bathroom, a new sofa. We've also had a few problems creep up on us at the same time - mostly the car; the suspension needed work, we needed new tyres because the tread was at the legal limit.

We got our new tyres today...

After we got the new tyres, we started having a horrible grinding sound on our car. Apparently, we had a trainee working on our car... Perhaps related.

It appears a wheel weight came off and fell into the break calliper, causing it to grind and has potentially damaged our breaks.

We'll have to pop into the garage to get it fixed tomorrow.