2021: Content Strategy

Published on Nov 13, 2020

2021 will be the year I'll take my content to a different level. I'll still be writing, but my approach to daily publishing will be altered.

I have two clear objectives: publish at least two non-fiction books, and focus on video content. These new personal editorial pillars imply a few things.

First, I'll need to niche down to manage the new workload. I have a few main topics I like to write about–namely, writing, web development, entrepreneurship, and digital nomadism–but it simply won't be sustainable for me to maintain a blog about each domain. I'll use my knowledge about writing, entrepreneurship, and digital nomadism as book or weekly product blog material, while publishing daily content about sustainable web development.

I'll write to publish videos, not blog posts. It's a significant shift, because you simply don't write a script like you write a blog post. I'll probably publish extended transcripts, but it won't be a daily priority. If 100 words equal a one-minute video, I'll aim for a habit of 100 words per day, alternating between TikTok and Youtube when I publish longer videos.

Lastly, I'll make sure to spend less time coding new products and features to do more content and paid work. I've been able to experiment extensively over the last two years, and I think I've reached a point where I know how I want to use my programming skills. I'm also set for at least another two years regarding my current tech stack, so no need to spend more time on that.

Regarding my book projects, I already have a dozen ideas. But there are only two I feel completely ready to tackle: one about making eco-friendly web applications, and the other about becoming a developer-entrepreneur in France. Both have a clear niche and a self-evident outline: I'll be able to write a first draft much quicker than I did during my first attempt a year ago. I have the story, the bibliography, the experience, and some material to begin the manuscript.

I just need to hurry to finish my new writing app, and I'll be able to officially start all my projects there.