Published on Jul 27, 2019

Senior level reached haha.

Who would guess that in the beginning. 200WaD hardcore mode doesn't give you the second chance hehe but do not plan to give up. The one year streak is tempting. :)

Time flies so fast, the streak or the number of posts giving you clear evidence.

I started the 8th of January so its almost matching with the current year. Its pretty crazy we are over the half already.

So what give me writing so far.

I got to know a new community it's pretty nice. You guys so supporting and so many good writers here.

Except of 200WaD posts I renewed my blog, so it's one more post every week.

I started a new project three weeks ago so I added another post a week.  

I would say I have never write so much in my life as this year. I like it will see where it will go. 

I plan to still write a lot maybe even more than now. I should have definitely some positive effects.  

Thank you all. Lets go further.

Thank you Baz for making this project. :)

Lets celebrate with some beers in this hot weather. :)


Stay with me. Efran.