20 days of my new project - a review

Published on Jul 30, 2020

On the 10th of July, I bought a WP theme to create a website for a productized service idea that I had.

It's now the 30th of July.

In these 20 days, I've actually worked as much as I can on it and I can finally say it that although it is basic (and kinda gross), it is workable enough to start marketing it.

I think.

Learnings and thoughts so far?

  • The theme was a pain is the ass, but I guess I can't really know what one practically is like until it's being installed and used. (grrrr!)
  • Though the theme sucked, choosing Wordpress is the right decision, even if it took so much longer to fiddle with the theme. I could have most easily used carrd.co or Squarespace but it would have been more expensive in long run either with my time or money.
  • I'm ready for this one to fail, in fact I'm actually looking forward for this whole thing to be roasted.
  • Pat Walls' 24 hour startup was and still is constantly weighing on me whenever I work on this project. I'm always asking myself why can't I go live any faster, and constantly comparing myself to all the startups who published something within 24 hours. I think this project has taught me how to be more patient and kind to myself.
  • I am surprised I designed and made a reasonable good logo within 10 minutes, and am happy with it.
  • The copy took the longest, after working with the annoying theme. It took me a good few days to figure out why I didn't resonate with what I wrote. It's because I hadn't figured out who my audience was! I sort of knew, but it was not clear enough. It had to be absolutely clear and only then could the words flow like water.
  • I wrote a lot. I mean, my notes were full of crafted conversion copy, but about 70% of them were dumped or not used. I'm still crafting better copy everyday.
  • There are days I feel this should be dumped. 
  • There are days I feel this is a stupid idea.
  • Yet, I think my idea deserves to live a little, like I wrote yesterday, though not the most eloquently. Give it some life, and let it die when due.