Published on Apr 17, 2019

I would like to thank the community here which motivated me to keep going, especially @lucjah, @philh, @keni, @brandonwilson, @jasonleow who are always a little bit ahead and I cannot simply break my streak, I would like to thank @basilesamel to making this project and improving it since. (I became a patron today, I know I should do it much earlier since I am posting here so many bad posts hehe but better late than never).

To writing here is one of a few habits I keep doing since the new year. I also making Duolingo exercises (108 days streak), brushing my teeth properly and writing 10 ideas per day (since 21st of January). Not much left but at least something.

I don't think my writing improved I would say it's even worse than in the beginning but actually, I don't care much and just write which is important too, hopefully, the quality will show up later hehe and of course, I can blame my poor English vocabulary. In my mother language, I am muuuuch muuuuch better writer... OK, OK, I still suck but I need to find some excuse hehe.

I refreshed my blog and I am really happy about it and it's caused definitely by 200WaD. I found here new interesting topics I can write about and it motivates me to keep going. I can enjoy writing much more now. 

Keep writing. #teamstreak


Stay with me. Efran.