#1 on Product Hunt today

Published on Sep 12, 2020

I woke up to a pleasant surprise this morning. The Chrome extension I built was #1 on Product Hunt#1 on Product Hunt for the day (so far)! This is super funny because I went to bed with 8 upvotes from my friends.

I'm so glad I ended up doing this. I constantly downplayed it to myself as a tiny little project (which it was) that was never going to get looked at.

A few things I learned:

Copy is everything. I think I really nailed the title and description of my product. The humor in the screenshot probably didn't hurt either.

Cut scope! A few days ago, I was thinking about all the things I could build—I could make the time interval customizable, I could make the tool work on sites like FB and Linkedin as well, etc. But sometimes those things just aren't necessary to build something people want. Build opinionated products.

On a related note, what you work on is more important than the effort and/or time spent. Obviously, this silly little Twitter extension is not going to change the world, but I could've spent a bunch of time implementing all those extra features but it would've made the product harder to explain and sell. By focusing on Twitter and focusing on mornings, it was immediately obvious to the reader what the product did.