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Published on Jul 3, 2019

The past June is a special month for me, there are not only so many "the first time", but also four "the last time" which are the big wins for my life challenges. 

#1 1-year pustule

There is a one-year pustule on my arm. "Three days later, it may get healed totally." I ignored it until met my bf.

"Is this the same pustule I saw in May last year?" he asked unbelievably. Then he bought medicine and applied it to the affected areas. After one week, the pustule became a brown spot. 

Having been weeping over a year, it was gone.

#2 3-year frustration

Since my last year in college when I missed chances to a much better graduate school to get a master degree and even Ph.D., I was dead inside. Regrets, complaints, and jealousy were the only theme. 

On Feb 18, I wrote my first 200 wad post: "Get to know me as a stranger". Daily writing in such a warm, quiet and disciplined community brought my sense of living back.    

Now I set plans and get things done in the schedule,  though over 1000 days have been wasted for nothing, it's gone, finally.

#3 4-year no meeting

It's the fifth year relationship with my bf, we share the common view that we are the one for each other. But meeting his parents as the future wife of their son? No, I can't do that.

Though really nervous but things were going surprisingly well for my one-week visiting. 

Talking about my future plan with aging people didn't scare me anymore. 

After 4-year wondering,  the real meetup came true at last.

#4 7-year teeth hole

"The 7-year-old hole in my tooth"