Published on Sep 23, 2020

My approach to building a product have always been more methodical; I would do research on whether there are interests from a particular audience and if I get the chance I would do interview someone to find out exactly why they would or would not use a tool like this. But ever since I started doing my #WeeklyNoCode challenges I realized I don’t have the luxury to do that anymore. With all the things I need to do each week and then ship a product at the end of it requires me to trust my instincts problems I want to solve.

This week I’m packing to move-in to a new apartment with my girlfriend and so far I’ve documented everything I’ve packed into an airtable, but so far I have no idea what this “product” will look like. 

My goal is to perhaps create a duplicate template that anyone can use when preparing their move, or a way to create inventory more easy. the best part of all this is figuring out as I go, as I can now trust I can execute on any idea in one week’s time.

Stay tuned for more!