What I getting in 10-10 promo

Published on Oct 11, 2020

It's almost a routine that I will try to getting something during the 10-10 festival. For the past few years, 10 Oct always have lots of promotion for e-commerce during this day, and it also marks the beginning of the year-end promotion. It starts from 10 Oct, 11 Nov and then 12 Dec, don't forget Black Friday and Xmas, all these dates you will see tons of sales in Lazada or other marketplaces.

2020 is the first year I can't make any purchase in Singapore Lazada because of the COVID; I can't travel between Singapore & Malaysia. So I focus to see any good deal in Lazada Malaysia.

  1. I am getting the Samsung Galaxy Active 2 smartwatch for my wife. It's an older model of smartwatch and currently are doing promo and seriously the price is lower than Singapore Market.
  2. Besides that, I m getting Electronic toothbrush from Xiao Mi as well. Instead of choosing the cheapest Model T100, We choose the T300 which are using the better brush.
  3. Lastly, I m getting a trimmer/clipper from Xiao Mi so that we can cut our hair during this pandemic period.

I believe it compares to the past few years, this year the things that are getting promo is lesser. For example, I don't see many promos for Apple Products. I am usually getting new Apple Products during this period.