What I did in September 2020

Published on Oct 1, 2020

Septemeber has been a hectic month for me, lots of freelances work to be complete. These work has affected the development of my products and difficulty to strike a work-life balance. On the other side because of these many freelance work, at least I don't need to worry for income for the next few months. 

The feeling is mixed. While I have more time for product work, I will have to worry about income but feel more work satisfaction. When I have more freelance work, I have less fear for payment and feel lesser work satisfaction but wonder why I continue selling my time for money.

Things that I miss out

???? Didn't do any products work that generates revenue.

???? Put reading back on track.

Challenges that I m facing

???? Lots of freelance work & enquiry

???? keep up the daily workout

???? Maintain the tracking of daily habits

???? Forget the launch date for a project.

Things that I appreciate

???? Featured on Adalo newsletter for the two components that I build

???? Launch quite a few freelance projects/demo

???? Maintain the #100daysofdesign

Things that I m excited

???? Need to spend time to renovate the house

???? Planning a small staycation in Oct

???? Completed 3 Adalo components development

???? Working on projects with new Laravel 8 and Livewire 2.

I think how to strike a balance between work-life balance, freelance work and product work is challenging. It's tough to keep all three equal.