#WeeklyNoCode Week 7: Challenge Idea

Published on Oct 13, 2020

 This is my 7th week of taking on a no-code challenge that I created myself which is to pick at least one new no-code tool and create a new product in one week's time. Now that I've completed 6 products by now, I'm still starting my week feeling confident that I will get everything I want to achieve done by the end of one week but I am more confident in my abilities to adapt and just to make it work.
One of these problems I noticed is that the nature of these challenges encourage me to focus on one product completely for one week and it kind of just get thrown aside after since I'm dedicating all my energy to learning new tools and new ways to execute on an idea. The problem with that is that a lot of the products I've created that don't really revolve around user-generated content or interaction, it isn't long before they become "stale" with relatively dated information. This was what inspired me for this week's challenge.
This week I intend to start by picking an API that I can build a product around, all with using no-code tools. I plan to use the API as the starting point that can hopefully run at the very least daily so that I can have "fresh" and updated data to create a digital product that can still remain fresh even if I leave it behind.
Stay tuned for more updates!