#WeeklyNoCode Week 6: Gumroad

Published on Oct 10, 2020

I'm on the tail end of finishing the product I'm making for week 6 of the #WeeklyNoCode challenges. For this week, I wanted to create a landing page that links directly to a Gumroad download. Gumroad is one of the those products that I'm surprised that not a lot of people know about as it's by far the easiest way for anyone to sell anything digital. From an e-book, to a digital print, it gives you a lot of control over how many copies you want to sell, when to release, and even have control over which versions you want to include.

For the purpose of practice, I'm using a collection of free digital prints that were distributed by NASA's Jet Propulsion lab to use for personal purposes for free. I've used Figma to create a pretty cover for the Gumroad product and am using Carrd to design a simple landing page that even allows users to access the Gumroad product by an overlay rather than take them to a different URL.

Connecting a no-code website builder with your Gumroad product is one of the most powerful one two punch anyone can utilize to create a simple yet effect landing page to sell anything.