#WeeklyNoCode Week 4: Saturday is for Building

Published on Sep 12, 2020

After building the majority of the features that I wanted this week, I am surprisingly ahead of schedule in terms of executing all the features I wanted. With a little time to spare, I decided to build out some user-specific features.

Now on the glide app any user can:

  • Mark any climbing problem as "Sent" or done 
  • Mark any climbing problem as a project, which just simply means that it's a climbing problem that you usually spend a lot of time working on
  • See your "Ongoing projects" on the home page
  • A personal dashboard that shows a data visualization of how many problems you created
  • An additional visualization that shows problem completed by level (they range from V1 to V7)
  • A list of completed problems
  • See check-off list for things needed to pack 

If I have a little time before shipping this project tomorrow, I plan to build some more features that support more social functions, like seeing each other's dashboards so you can track how many problems each person has done. 

I know I've said this before, but I am still thoroughly impressed with what I was able to do with Glide. Time after time I'm still so impressed with what no-code tools are capable of!