The Weekend Grind

Published on Sep 27, 2020

It's been a long time since my last weekend grind for work. I try to strike a work-life balance for a long time, so I try my best every time to skip all sort weekend grind/midnight grind. I have been trying my best to avoid these, but sometime you really can't avoid it.

I have been holding one of the client's projects upgrade for a long time, since two years ago. It's not a direct request from clients, but the based has been old, it uses technology that old, and it occupied one of my servers because of the need of an older version of PHP. Besides that, it uses an international SMS service which is pretty expensive. 

I want to avoid losing money ( both server and SMS ), the revamp has to complete in September. I have a few projects in the queue for October already. I need to get this done and launch it before I get too busy in October and no time to work on it.

I have been working on it starting from Saturday until around 2 am ( Sunday ). Four hours sleep later, I m wake up and prepare to continue working on it after this post. The starting progress is slow because I need to sort up the new Laravel 8 and Livewire 2 new features, but I think today shall be speed up and get it ready for testing before September end.