The anticipation of finishing the bookshelf

Published on Oct 15, 2020

Living in a New York City, I often find myself moving to a new apartment every two years. Throughout the years, I've found myself collecting more and more books; some bought but most were either picked up from the street when people are throwing them out, other times it's when some people are leaving the city and wanted to donate all their books. Recently, my girlfriend's brother also decided to leave the city for be back home in Taiwan for at least a few years and left us a huge pile of books to safe keep for him. In total, I would estimate we have at least 200 books, enough to finally fill a complete living room wall.

I am extremely excited to complete this project, simply because I want to create a home that reflects my interests and surrounding myself with books makes me feel like an abundance of knowledge is all within arms reach.

For the rest of this year and the beginning of next, I am also committing to develop a better habit of reading, both for fun but also to expand my range. I have spent too much time in front of the laptop this entire year, so I feel like it's finally time to find the balance between spending time online and offline.