Terrarium Update

Published on Oct 31, 2020

Since I almost finished cleaning up the moving boxes, I started to take a look at my Terrarium project again.

I visited a local aquarium and terrarium shop. I was a little bit overwhelmed by all the stuff day have. Obviously terrariums and aquariums but also everything that comes along with it. Lights, pumps, decor plants, and animals. Although they focus on fish, I also saw bird-eating spiders, snakes and one leopard gecko. They also have animals for feeding (mealworms, locusts, and others).

I asked them for some advice because I couldn't heat up the terrarium with the one 35W lamp I've got. They recommended an 80W lamp designed for reptiles. I mounted it a few hours back and wrote a small NodeJs program to control everything.

The terrarium should light up tomorrow morning (6 am) and turn off the lights at evening (6 pm). I will also add more logging tomorrow, so I can see how the temperature progresses throughout the day.

Somehow I'm fully bought in on the idea of the terrarium again. Maybe it has to do with the fact that my mealworm farm (Hive Explorer) arrived this week or that I seek a small buddy for the potential lockdown that might be coming soon in Austria.

However, as long as the Terrarium isn't automated fully, I won't buy a Leopard gecko. I also decided that I will only buy one. Although many people say and write you can cohabitate them, many others say it isn't a good idea. We'll see.