Published on Oct 18, 2020

Yesterday we installed the bed from Ikea. It is awesome and cute but needs a little extra work to personalize it as Cristina wants it. It is a strange feeling that we are already 4 but the last one is 2 in 1. So when he finally decides to come out he'll move into his bed. Can't wait!
It's going to be great. I will miss Lily for 3 weeks but we'll manage. 

I'm feeling burnout from the office and I can't concentrate. Working on different things keeps me sane. It is good that I've decided to step up a notch and start doing instead of wasting time. It is essential that I keep up with it. I have to take notes of my journey. Review my progress every week and every quarter and see if I'm not overfitting my learning to just satisfy my needs and I'm doing/learning/working on something interesting, meaningful and that helps me grow personally. It is necessary to grow. I want Erik to be proud of his father! I want him to look up to me and say "yep, that's my dad! I wanna be like him".