Published on Oct 11, 2020

Yesterday I got home drunk a bit. Everything is going to be closed down from next week again cause of the pandemic. So it was kind of the last opportunity to go out and meet with friends before lockdown, before having Erik.
I dreamt about him yesterday night. He was tiny but extremely heavy. It was a wonder.
I'm so anxious about meeting him. How will we be as parents? Will we have enough patience?
How will we divide waking up in the night when he cries?
So many questions. On the other hand, I will be off from work for at least 5 weeks. 5 weeks where my only job is to take care of my wife and our newest family member. And read. If I'll have time. I have to read a lot! And by a lot I mean I'd love to read at least 2 hours a day. That would be nice and it would help with my writing aspirations. Aspirations that I've recently realized I have. I love to write. And sometimes what I write is exceptional. But that happens spontaneously. All my best jibbers were written in the heat of the moment.
I have to study and capture that moment and learn to reproduce it!