Staycations Summary

Published on Oct 8, 2020

After talking about my boring staycations for the past few days, I m thinking to do a summary for the whole staycations. It's no easy to go staycations during this period, although we still see the crowd, I guess the tourism industry is struggling to stay alive for now. 

For a good example, our membership for Legoland ended, and we are feeling a bit risky to renew. We worry that the whole park might not be able to get through this pandemic, might be a waste if we rebought the annual membership.

Going out now is a painful experience now, need to keep the social distant, wearing the mask whole is no joke. I only wear it for a few hours when accompanying the kids for the rider already make my earloop feel painful, and sometimes you feel hard to breathe with the heat and activity.

Staycations after having kids are more for them than me. The only advantages are I can stay away from work for the past two days. But I run away from actual work and get into another kind of work, need to serve the two kids for the staycations. Anyway, both of them are happy and enjoys. I guess this staycation is worth it.