Staycation or not?

Published on Oct 4, 2020

We are in an awkward situation that we book a staycation, but for the past few days, there is a spike in COVID patients within the country. My wife and I are still wondering shall we go or shall we stay at home. We book a staying for Lego Land and planning to utilise our annual pass before its end.

The COVID situation won't be ending any time, but we seriously need a break. After grounded at home for so many months, both of us has been suffered so many stress from works. Maybe we can just hide in the hotel without going any of the attractions?

Maybe we can try to stay at home and chill at a corner without doing anything, but when I stay at home, I will be doing the work and works never end. At least when I away for Staycation, I can force myself to ignore most of the work message. "I m away without a laptop can't do anything, let me get back to you when I back" might be the biggest excuse I can give.

Let's get used to the new normal and enjoy the Staycation with social distance and stay clean.