Static content in real time

Published on Nov 20, 2020

I'm an avid advocate of green tech thinking. So obviously I want whatever I code to be as efficient as possible regarding resource usage. My current website and writing platform produces only 0,08g of CO2 on page load. According to that is less than the emissions of 93% of the sites tested. I definitely wish to keep my new platforms emissions at the same level. Going any lower starts to be quite challenging.

At the same time I'm still a technology enthusiast. I want to use cool new technologies and implement cutting edge things there. Sure, some of those technologies help me to make the site more green but others might be a bit more on the heavier side.

A lot also depends on the site usage. If there will be a lot of visitors statically generated pages is obviously a better choice. If there is a lot of new content or changes on the content a dynamic approach would ensure faster updates without the need for complex caching system. It would be a thought choice between those two options already not to mention some sort of combination of both. But there is also the intriguing option of realtime app which the Firebase platform offers.

Such an approach sure has some overhead when there is need for constant connection. But on the other hand, when there is new content only that needs to be loaded instead of needing to generate and load the whole page. I might need to investigate the implications of this a bit more and compare it to the benefits of offering such features.

Wouldn't it be nice for example if the comments for the post you are reading would pop right in when a new one is added? Well, that's actually how it currently works on Writestreak.