Some Me Time

Published on Sep 26, 2020

Original I had a date with a bunch of my good friends yesterday. We didn't meet since the lockdown in Mar. Recently one of the friends husband coming back from Singapore, and she finally can come out to meet with us. Unfortunately, another friend was down with some sick, so the gathering cancel pretty last minute.

Since I have arranged everything already, my wife is having her appointment and my parent going to pick up both kids. I decided to don't waste it if I can't gathering with my friends, why not spending some me time, give myself some quality time.

So I decided to went out for dinner. I have been skipping dinner since I am doing 16:8 fasting daily. To celebrate, finally, I have some "me" time. I decided to going out for dinner and having some sinful dinner - Mcdonald.

It's kind of weird for Mcdonald to act social distance, the staff bring the food over to you and ask you to take yourself. The staff told you to throw the rubbish after you finish the meal and put the tabletop back to the original place and don't forget you can only spend 30 minutes on dine-in.

That's my first dine out alone after so many months, it's weird and quiet, but I enjoy it.