So you're telling me there's a chance

Published on Nov 14, 2020

I am heartened by the way our little community refuses to be snuffed out. 

@abrahamkim started a Telegram channel named The Great 200WAD Migration

@arcticloon and @jasonleow are both exploring what a new platform might look like.

There are plenty of methods and ways to write online. You can write your own blog, create Medium articles, even publish a newsletter with Substack (so easy, even I could do it). You can write privately on a site like 750wordsaday. The problem with all of these options is that it is still a largely solitary experience. Sure, you can have people comment on posts, but in my experience the vast majority of people do not comment. 

This is the secret sauce of this site. The community of diverse people who somehow have the practice of writing in common and provide positive energy and encouragement to each other. I have not found any other site with the secret sauce. I'm still surprised why this one didn't pan out in terms of what Baz needed for sustainability. 

I don't have the skills for all the nuts and bolts, but I can promise that I'll be on the site every day and do what I can to help grow the audience. I want a future platform to stick around, and one good way to ensure that is to help the creator make money.