Shootings in Vienna

Published on Nov 3, 2020

First of all, I want to thank every policewomen and policeman who gives their lives for our security. Seconds my thoughts are at the people injured or even killed by yesterday's shootings in Vienna.

When I woke up today and checked my phone I was shocked. One of my coworkers sent me a video where a woman was shot down. I've seen dead and dying persons before, I think I even saw one or two videos before.

What hit me was, that these scenes were only a few hours old. Apparently, some idiots decided that yesterday was a good day for shooting people. Most newspaper and our politics declare it as a terroristic act.

Vienna is only about a one and a half-hour drive away from where I live. Via the highway system in Austria, you're there in no time. Yes, the knife attacks that were in France recently do concern me, but France is a lot of kilometres away. Vienna only 120 (kilometres).

Should I be concerned about my security? Conscious no, unconsciously it is almost like I can't swallow.

As many of you know, I work as a paramedic from time to time and I know a few people who helped out after the "Amokfahrt" (if I remember correctly a man was driving over pedestrians) in Graz a few years back.

Thinking a bit longer, there was one paramedic I didn't know, but I heard from the news that he was gunned down by a "Heckensch├╝tze" (sniper) while he wanted to help an injured person. If I remember correctly the paramedic and the injured person were killed.

Another paramedic colleague was near a knife attack (although it was a family crisis instead of something terroristic) as support if one of the police guys would have been injured.

So, not only is the country going into lockdown to get control over the current corona situation, but there is now also the fear for terroristic acts again.

Maybe it is time to buy body armour for my paramedic duties?