Seizing Market Opportunities

Published on Oct 15, 2020

I had a remote chat with a childhood friend of mine about his new solo business two days ago. We've been following each other since we are 3, so I was really moved when he told me I inspired him to launch his own company.

The concept is simple: he holds an engineering degree in nutrition, has been a gymnast for most of his life, and is passionate about helping others to lose weight, so he decided to develop an audience around this topic. He decided to have an Instagram and Tiktok presence two months ago, and the result has been amazing: 1500 followers on Instagram and 20k followers on Tiktok (!!!), as well as millions of views.

After seeing this huge demand, he decided to launch a solo venture to propose an info product, and he made his first sale ($80) three days ago.

This isn't a stroke of luck: Frédy has been publishing content on a daily basis for two months, and his efforts have been justly rewarded. He also took the opportunity at the right moment: Tiktok is still the number 1 app, video consumption has never been higher, and people are gaining weight because of the current situation that doesn't help with our sedentary lifestyle. 

That's the mark of a true entrepreneur: flexibility, vision, and compound work.

Thank you for the inspiration, friend. I'm beyond excited to see you grow!