Rooftop Party

Published on Oct 12, 2020

Today I went to a housewarming rooftop party hosted by a friend and her boyfriend and it was the first time I was at a gathering with more than 20 people since the pandemic started and it filled my soul.
The party started at 7 and already they've invited friends to DJ in front of a small desk. In order to get the power all the way up to the rooftop, they combined at least five extension chords so that they can have an outlet reach all the way to their third floor apartment. This was in Bushwick, a neighborhood in Brooklyn most commonly known to be favored by artists and creatives, and the rooftop was completely covered in graffiti. 

The MVP of the party was the food. My friend's brother and father recently decided to start a dumpling / potsticker business and they are opening their new restaurant in a few weeks, so as a test run, they decided to "cater" this shindig, constantly supplying us with freshly-off-the-pan potstickers. Never had I been to a party where I can enjoy a nightly view of the Manhattan skyline while enjoying delicious potstickers while listening to great music. 

This summer may have been a bust as I did not fully enjoy what New York usually has to offer, but this party was enough to fill me up. Its days like this that reminds me why it's still worth it to be here, even as the exodus of people leaving have already started.