Results of The Weekend Grind

Published on Sep 28, 2020

Tired and Exhausted.

After working for the client's revamp projects for the whole weekend, that's the first two words that pop in my head when I think of the past two days.

I have very little sleep on Saturday, and immediately I feel that I m weak on Sunday. My sensitive nose starts to act up, and my response is kind of slow. I take an evening nap and sleep early on Sunday hopefully to recover all the energy I spend in the Weekend Grind.

The results are pretty good; the revamp project is almost 70% completed, pretty sure I can finish it before the end of Sep and let the user doing the beta testing. A revamp project that dragging for so long can launch finally.

 Besides that, I pick up quite a few tricks for Laravel Livewire 2.0. It's going to help me with my other Laravel project as well. But seriously I wouldn't say I like weekend grind like this. Hopefully, this is the last time I did grinding like this for the year 2020.

This week I am going to continue to be pretty busy, but I go for a short staycation during the weekend. Hopefully, this quick getaway can let me restore all the tiredness for the past few weeks.