Productized service idea: Custom Carrd Co.

Published on Oct 4, 2020

Just a few days ago I helped out someone I just knew from a Carrd Facebook group with his new Carrd site. He wanted to add a dropdown menu component to his site but there isn't one native to Carrd. I showed him an accordion dropdown demo I previously did on Carrd, using the HTML code embed element, and the collaboration just went swimmingly from there. At the end, he had a new responsive header nav bar menu, accordion dropdowns for his FAQs page, and a scroll-to-top floating button, all of which doesn't come with Carrd. And he's absolutely loving it and happy with how it turned out. It was real fun helping someone with a real use case, and seeing what he needed from a business website owner's perspective. Custom components that's standard in most websites now but missing in Carrd:

  • Responsive nav bar menu, with 1-2 child levels
  • Accordion drop-downs (great for FAQs)
  • Scroll-to-top button
  • Easy grid for pricing cards
  • Awesome tables, charts, graphs
  • Testimonials and reviews section with a profile thumbnail and quotes
  • Blog feed
  • Maps
  • Widgets pulling in data from all sorts of APIs - weather? Web traffic? 

Not an exhaustive list, obviously, but this opportunity feels exciting to me because it's like early days of Wordpress, where it's the Wild West gold rush to build third party plugins to fulfil all manner if business and personal needs. 

Now that I had one successful customer (albeit not paid), should I try building out a quick MVP landing page (in Carrd of course)? It's got to be worthwhile to at least try validating if there's indeed market demand for a software-with-a-service for custom Carrd components...right?

A company selling custom-coded Carrd plugins. Custom-code Carrds company. Custom Carrd Co

What do you think? Worth a try?