Published on Oct 16, 2020

I've read an interesting story yesterday about the Pathfinder Mars rover. When it arrived on Mars, it started to mess up the order of the tasks it had to do. Instead of starting with the most important task that had to do, it started to do maintenance tasks that were put on hold before. So even when the scientist told it to do the important task it kept doing the low priority maintenance tasks. I think this is what happens when we procrastinate. We say that there are so many other low priority tasks that we have to do that we can't concentrate on the most important one while there are so many of them. And my plan to stop this from happening is to reduce friction: I will NOT delay low priority tasks endlessly from now on. I will try to keep the number of things I've got to do to a minimum so I'm clear on what is important. Also, I will try to make deadlines, clear OKRs so I'm sure of what I'm doing.
It seems to me that I'm on the good path but it's still not clear which way I'm headed.