Open October

Published on Oct 2, 2020

After the low productivity of August, I try to get back to a stable September. Things are pretty regular and boring in September with lots of freelance work, and I think October might continue to same trends. Let's Open up the October and see how it goes.

Self-improvement is getting back around 60%, not as the 80% my original target and I really can't get reading back on track. This two are things I m continue to improve in October.

Freelance work is queue up to November, which going to continue to be my main focus for now. I have been busy all with sort of freelance work. I understand you can't complain about this since during this pandemic period, lots of people losing jobs and ways to generate income. I can only bite the bullets and continue to fight with swarms of work.

Products wise going to continue focus NocoderHQ. NocoderHQ is the umbrella brand for all my nocode stuff which includes GetPay, Adalo related work and maybe some nocode productize work. GetPay starts getting some attention, but I need to continue to push it more. Instead of focusing on Adalo, I am going to put some efforts on Glide as well, so I might be trying to focus on #nocode mobile builder space.

But like I mention this is Open October, the main thing is still focus on my freelance work, the rest I keep it open to see how it goes. I will try to keep its balance, don't want to lose the momentum and lazy become the nasty end of the year.