One hell of a week

Published on Oct 5, 2020

It's been more than a week since I've done any writing on here and I can definitely feel a withdrawal.

I've been moving to a new place with my girlfriend and the combination of dealing with the errands around moving, packing, unpacking, selling furniture, dealing with my management, and planning for my trip back home at end of the year created this inferno of stress for me that I often find myself paralyzed to even keep up with all the previous habits and streaks that I've developed for myself.

One thing I've noticed that surprised even myself is that I always knew I would find the right time to jump back on the wagon and start writing daily again but I didn't realize how much I MISSED writing. This felt different than the previous years I've tried to create a habit because after the streak ended for any particular reason, it always fizzles out naturally and I move on to something different. After keeping up with writing daily for 200+ days, the habit had burrowed itself deep inside me and I feel the itch and needed to scratch it.

I may not be ending this year with the perfect record of having a 365-day streak, but I've achieved something I'm even more proud of the genuine enjoyment of writing and the feeling of wanting to do it daily, without even the gimmicks in places of streak tracking or crossing off something on the to-do list.