Nocode tools for civic tech

Published on Oct 7, 2020

Using tech for good, or the civic tech scene, is something of an emerging thing here that I'm part of. And much of our COVID-19 responses had been using nocode tools, which makes perfect sense due to the speed of launch that's possible with nocode, and the low technical bar that allows no coding skills to get started. That makes almost anyone a web developer. 

Here's some tools that's useful when building a tool or resource for your community or social cause:

Information/resource sites to get information out quickly in times of a crisis, or a donation landing page to raise funds quickly for a social cause

Carrd - The simplest, most intuitive landing page builder ever. It's great for simple and single-page websites, and comes with well-designed templates so that you don't even have to worry about the design. Just add your text and images and go. On paid plans, you can even add payment buttons to receive payment or donations.

Team info, project management, CRM or knowledge base sites

Fruition, Notion2site - these services convert your Notion pages into a website with a custom domain, and add a design layer on your Notion pages. Many are already using Notion for team/project management, knowledge base management, so this just extends Notion into a full fledged website or web app.

Airtable is well-used as a CRM, and it's free plan is generous so that your volunteer or non-profit group can save on those funds.

Listings and directories to consolidate links and tools required for folks out in the field

Sheet2site - quickly build a website using a Google Sheet. Your spreadsheet of organisations or charities, or links to tools on the internet, are converted into beautiful lists, with dynamic filters and search. 

Other similar tools that converts spreadsheets to websites:, Table2site (using Airtable), Glideapps (build apps using Google Sheets).

Optimisation of back-office ops, volunteer management, onboarding or engagement of beneficiary or donors

Zapier takes the cake for nocode automation. They can integrate between so different apps to automate your workflows, so that your volunteer initiative has more hands on the causes that matter, not the back-office admin. For example, someone fills out a contact form on your site, that triggers Google Sheet to add a new row with the contact form information, and then that triggers Gmail sends out a welcome message to the sender.

Integromat is a similar product. IFTTT can integrate Internet of Things as well, like trigger your coffee machine to start when you send a message on Telegram.