New is easy, better is hard

Published on Oct 19, 2020

Just saw this tweet from @jackbutcher, and made me wonder a lot about my #decodingcoding journey. 

Am I—under the guise of following my curiosity and energy—actually just chasing new and therefore easy things to learn and do when it comes to coding? Rather than the hard but better things (like working on an actual payable project)?

It's a difficult tension to hold intellectually. On one hand, I'm concerned about sustaining my motivation for the long term. I really don't want to drop out again, only to come back to coding ground zero months later. But yet on the other hand, I do feel like I'm just playing and tinkering at the sidelines, having fun and all, but not actually making a dent on my larger ambitions of making my own SaaS product.

I feel that somehow maybe the resolution is somewhere in the middle between the two. I can't just hunker down to make my product without nurturing my longer term motivation, but the other extreme wouldn't help me achieve my goals either. But exactly how, that is the question. 

Maybe it's also about pulse and pause, the ebb and flow of seasons and phases. It's almost three months since the start of this season of my #decodingcoding journey, and throughout most of it I had been doing the new, easy and fun stuff. Just learning the fundamentals and getting excited with new technology. But now I'm starting to feel restless. Questions about how I am progressing in my larger goals are beginning to creep in as well. So perhaps I can slowly transition into being more serious and actually coding out my SaaS app rather than continuing to browse Codepen and tinker with random repos. And then after a few months, perhaps when I run out of steam making the SaaS app, I can lay back and have a bit of random fun again. 

Sounds good.