My Wife Birthday Present - 2020

Published on Oct 10, 2020

It's 10 Oct today, and it usually means two things. My wife birthday and the usual 10:10 super sales online in Singapore / Malaysia.

Getting her a present is always a headache, it depends on her need. Sometimes she doesn't need anything, other time she might need to hit the spot and need a gadget for her situation. Two years ago, I got her an iPad to replace her very old one. Last year I gave her cash since she needs some financial help to kickstart her cosmetic business. This year she worries about health, so I decided to get her a smartwatch to let her monitor those basic health stats.

Original we been eyeing on Apple Watch but facing a lot of problems since she is not really in the Apple ecosystem and only have an iPad.

  • Apple Watch doesn't sync with iPad
  • I have an old iPhone, I thought of just let sync with it, but find out the old iPhone no longer received the latest update, so it can't sync with the latest watchOS.
  • There is this new feature call Family Setup for Apple Watch, allows user to use Apple Watch without iPhone, but it means that we need to buy the cellular version of Apple Watch.
  • Apple Watch cellular version is more expensive, and you need to pay an additional monthly fee for the mobile data
  • Lastly, we find out that Family Setup seems like to tie to the telco, Singapore/ Malaysia doesn't support this for now.

That ends our hope for getting her the Apple Watch. In the end, we decided on the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, which going to working with her android phone.

Happy Birthday Dear Wife, hopefully with the new watch and you are more aware of health stats, getting more sleep and better rest.