My Typical Sunday

Published on Oct 12, 2020

Since I busy with lots of freelance work recently, the weekend has been my working day as well, I kind of resist of this but I got no choices. There is some much work I need to handle to keep up our small company to run.

What did I do on Sunday?

  • I am doing some enhancement for a project that already closed. I don't mind to do the work, but the personal handle doesn't communicate well, which make this extra work feels a headache.
  • Build a WordPress plugin for a client; it's been a while I working on a new WordPress plugin. It takes me a while to pick up all the tiny things to get it to work.
  • Debug some of the Airtable issues on Adalo app, the original admin portion need to demo last week, but we miss it, must send out on Monday.
  • I am checking one of the WordPress issues which having problems once the original AWS instance shut down. I m still figure on this but have a few more ideas to try what's wrong with it.

By the time I lie down on my bed, I feel exhausted and feel like reading some novels to pass through the little time left over for this weekend. That's my typical weekend now, and I got no time for my product at all.