Moving into a new place

Published on Sep 15, 2020

After two weeks of numerous viewings of apartments around Brooklyn, both virtual and in person, my girlfriend and I have finally found a place that we love and we are looking to move-in in 10/1. This is extra exciting for us because even though we've been together for 4 and a half years, and despite living just one block away from each other, we've never actually lived together. 

When we first looked at places, we immediately knew to prioritize on finding a bigger, newer, and more comfortable space even though we would be compromising by being a little bit farther from the city. We both knew that it would take a while before New York completely recovers from the pandemic and we can picture ourselves spending a lot of time indoors simply working on projects to make ourselves more financially independent.

I am so excited to start Q4 in a brand new space mirrored by a renewed sense of optimism in what the future holds for us. I can't wait find a comfortable corner in one of the bedroom where I setup my workstation where I can picture myself spending days, weeks, and months of time to build my the next steps of my career.