Published on Nov 5, 2020

For the first time in months, or probably years I was at linked in today. If I remember correctly I created my profile back in Technical School as some sort of project. 

Although I updated my profile throughout the years, well only if something important happened, I never really took a close look.

I changed that today and answered a bunch of "Friend Requests". I got many emails for LinkedIn before that was saying that I have "Friend Requests" but, as I've written, I've never really paid attention to them.

I was a little bit shocked how different the platform looks now. It is at least a little bit more cleaned up than it was years ago, and somehow it almost looks a lot like Facebook nowadays.

After looking around for a little bit I also found out that at least three headhunters were asking for me, although I don't really trust job offers that sound generic. Then I found out you can take quizzes to proof a skill.

Sadly I can't add my paramedic training, but I added that I'm volunteering. It looks like the Austrian Red Cross doesn't think about LinkedIn.

I think for the rest of the evening I will look into the other skill tests. Can't hurt to know if I really know as much as I think. :)

Link to my Profile: