Published on Oct 5, 2020

Today I interviewed someone for the first time. Thanks to Sir Abe, I experienced being interviewed but I had never officially tried to interview someone before. It was an experience.

The end goal of the interview is to write a piece on the achievement of someone I look up to. So I thoroughly enjoyed doing it and listening to the stories. It is a skill to ask the right questions, listen to what is being said, listen to what is not being said, gauge how the interview feels about a topic and keep the flow.

After the experience today, I have a new found respect for people like Tim Bilyeu, Joe Rogan, Tim Ferris, Larry King and Oprah... They regularly do these types of interviews of people who aren't necessarily doing something they are interested in. I listened to a few of these interviews to prepare for today. I believe I did ok today but it could have been much better. I had a hard time between listening, taking notes and interrupting with my questions. I didn't want the interview to go on for over an hour but it went on for an hour and a half. I still had about 5 more questions to ask but at an hour and a half, I had to stop.

The next step is to do a writing on the story from today. I intend to dedicate the next 48 hours on getting that done. I will share it once I finish it and get it approved by the person I interviewed.

This may be a start of something big.