Published on Oct 11, 2020

The past few years, as I have come to realize the importance of communication, I have pondered about what has the most impact.

I still think spoken words have more impact than written words... however, I have also come to realize that getting good at written words, improves spoken words dramatically. So I write.... and will continue to write.

However, I keep thinking about impact.... what has the most impact for more people? When I think of what has impacted me, it is undoubtedly my own experiences that is on top of the list, followed closely by reading books. The third position is a tie between talking to people about their experience and watching movies/documentaries. The older I get, I am seeing the importance of the visual outlets more and more.

Though a lot of history is documented in a written format, the ones where people take the time to tell the story in a moving way, stick around the longest. Based on a true story - is one of my favorite genera. Often when I meet an interesting person or hear of something remarkable in history, I think to myself that this would be a remarkable movie.

I am one of those people who has a lot of things on my bucket list. And lately, going into film making is slowly creeping into the bucket list folder.
I want to gift the year 2021 with that resolution.