Imagination / Horror / Paramedic

Published on Oct 16, 2020

Imagination is a great thing, it lets us write things, dream of things and do things we don't know how they work, but we can think about how they could work.

It also makes us dream. Since it is October, it seems my brain thought it might be time for something horrifying. I had a horrifying nightmare last night.


I was sitting at work and heard the sirens of an ambulance car. I looked outside and thought about how bad the driver was driving. A few seconds later I got an SMS from dispatch (I'm in a local helping group if they quickly need someone to drive an ambulance car since I'm living only a few minutes away).

I asked my supervisor if it was ok for me to leave as it seems there happened some larger accident. I then quickly arrived at the problem area.

I didn't see anything at first, but there was a strange smell. I think it was rotten bodies, but I wasn't sure at that time. People were literary puking around me. As I got closer to a hole, the smell was getting more aggressive and it started to burn in my eyes.

A paramedic colleague walked my way away from the hole. "Don't look inside, we are too late".

Obviously, I couldn't stop. I walked close and saw why he told me to not get closer. In the hole, there were four or five bodies of children of different ages. All distorted, definitely raped and slightly rotted.

My own scream ripped me out of sleep and I felt cold sweat on my body.


I never remembered that I heard about such a case anywhere. My brain just made up some things I have experienced as a paramedic and pushed it to the extremes.

I have written about Invisible Scars before (also, here is an edited version and a few related paramedic stories: "A hard night", "Mental Breakdown"). I knew my paramedic career will push into my life at some time, but I definitely didn't expect such a dream.