Hubert & Staller

Published on Nov 11, 2020

When I was doing my regular paramedic shift on Monday and Wednesday back in the day, occasionally we had time to watch television.

Well, most of the nights started with sitting in front of the television in the stand-by room and deciding what to eat.

If I remember correctly there was the tv show, Hubert & Staller, in the german ZDF. It is basically a show about two german policemen somewhere on the county where a murder happens. Most of the time the cases are solved through sheer luck of the two guys. Simple crime comedy.

While I was browsing Netflix today, to decide what to watch I stumbled upon all episodes. I heard that the series was cancelled on tv. But it is really great that I can watch it now on Netflix.

Sure the episodes aren't connected, but they are the perfect thing to watch if you want to have some fun without deeply thinking about the plot. Perfect for after-work entertainment.